The environmental ecosystem is decreasing year by year. The efforts towards environmental
changes were necessary for this serious environmental situation to deal with climate change
and environmental degradation. It could be seen that marine pollution accounts to a huge
number of pollution coming from vessels due to the active sea trade activities. The IMO 2020 is
a step taken by the International Maritime Organisation to tackle the harmful effects of pollution
generated from a large number of vessels. It strictly abides ships to follow the rule of 0.5%
sulphur limit in order to step towards a greener future.
How Sulphur Limit 0.5% aims towards a better environment?
The sulphur emission contributes to environmental pollution in a significant way due to which
the marine biodiversity could be seen at stake. It also impacts human health conditions largely
to the people located in coastal areas. In terms of talking about harmful implications, It affects
soil conditions, air quality and also has a serious impact on sea life as a result of acid rains. The
0.5% sulphur limit definitely aims to control the contribution of harmful particulates in the
environment to ensure a greener future.
Compliance for Vessels to use Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems
The marine industry is getting itself all ready to follow the strict compliance laid down under the
IMO 2020. It gives alternative solutions to the vessels to either use low sulphur oil or to install
exhaust gas cleaning systems in order to limit the sulphur content in the exhaust gases. The
vessel operators are choosing between the best compatible solutions in order to comply with the
IMO 2020 0.5% sulphur limits.