Today is the 30th anniversary of the massacre at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. For those unfamiliar with it, on June 4th 1989 the ruling Chinese Communist Party chose to launch an armed assault on a peaceful protest by Chinese citizens who wanted nothing more than freedom and reforms of the economic and political systems then (and still) operating in the People’s Republic of China. The peaceful protest had gone on for several days and included students, workers and even some Communist Party members. Estimates of the dead and wounded range as high as 2000 due to the gunfire and roaming vehicles that literally crushed the protesters as they scattered in hopes of surviving the assault.


Memories of this crime exist today only because of foreign press coverage of it and the testimony of the few survivors who were deported from China after serving prison sentences for their part in the protest.


The Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China has persistently tried to erase from History any record of the blood on their hands, knowing full well that if they can deny and obfuscate long enough eventually no-one will remember their atrocity and they will never be held accountable for it.


I write this for two reasons. The first is to do my part to ensure that the Communists fail in their mission to obliterate their crime from history. The second is to do my part to contribute to the world’s severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, aggressive ignorance obstructing our progress. My part is to remind readers of the role a free press plays in the preservation of the truth and our liberty. China’s state controlled press tells its readers nothing about a massive crime committed against them at the hand of their own government. Free presses around the world, be they right wing, left wing or neutral are capable of telling anyone whatever they see fit to publish, leaving us to decide what is true based on facts and opinions that we can compare. There is no question which system is better for the progress of the human race.  


The pressures that led to the mass protest in Tiananmen Square have not gone away. China’s ever expanding middle class and those lucky enough to become billionaires will eventually remember their thirst for more political power and economic freedom. Those who have been left behind in the quest for riches will eventually resent the deck being stacked against them by the Communist Party and its fellow travelers. Because of the murders at Tiananmen Square, China is today a pressure cooker of suppressed freedom simply waiting for the first crack to appear. It may take decades, but China will explode. The longer it takes the worse it will be for China and the world.