Some time ago the version 0.18 has been release the new wallet can be sued in conbination with your hardware wallet. Unfortunately in command line only. 

This is great news for the future, I want you to look at this as right now you need to have your bitcoin in your core wallet so if you had a hardware wallet you need it to send your coins from the ledger or hardware wallet to your bitcoin core wallet, that costing some satoshis, but now when the GUI is supported for hardware wallet you won't have to send your coin you could just fund for channel from the hardware wallet balance and received there once you are done with your channel.

This still need some guides so that people that is not computer savvy can actually use it.

So Bitcoin Core 0.18 + Hardware wallets + Eclair 0.3 = Lightning Network adoption is breaking out just like price.


If you have any guide of how to use the hardware wallet on Bitcoin Core 0.18 please shared it, specially if  GUI version is available or a work around, because right now only command line is available.