Steve Mnuchin has denied Congress' request for Donald Trump's tax returns. This despite the law clearly saying that The IRS shall release to Congress any tax return that it requests. There is no Presidential exemption. There can be no doubt that Mnuchin did this at the insistence of Trump. Why else would he risk his job and even jail by subjecting himself to a charge of contempt of Congress?

Trump will puff up his chest, hang out his best pout and get on twitter to proclaim that he is denying the Democrats and thwarting their political stunt. He is, as ever, wrong. The House of Representatives isn't called that for nothing. It is the People's house. It predates the Senate as an elected body and the Office of the President. The House of Representatives speaks for the people of the United States, not the President. This current President, perhaps more than any previous one cannot even pretend to be the representative of all Americans. To his credit he doesn't even pretend to do so. But that does not stop him from denying the People what their true representatives have asked for while exercising their constitutional authority as a check and balance to the President.

Trump has defied all Americans and trashed the constitution in the process. Notice how Republicans are not saying they "love the constitution" anymore? Now you know why.