WIth the rise of (mega-)constellations and a full array of SmallSat launchers on the horizon, new perspectives are being developed by the Space Industry on how to produce the new numbers that are required. Untill now, most satellites and launchers were mostly approached as a 'one-of' approach with some batch processing for recurring components. Many of the NewSpace enterprises will be driven by the demanding value chain imposed by the mass consumer market, as ultimately, telecom, earth observation and navigation services from space will reach the consumers in an end game to lower servicing prices further and further.

Some companies are well ahead of this curve to enable drastic cost-cutting by automated production. Take for example Airborne from the Netherlands. A company that produces advanced composite products for launchers and satellites, amongst other high-end markets. Next to their composite products, they are also in the business of serving companies that are build around vertical integration. In other words, automated production lines for composite products are the next level product to enter the market, and enable companies to get full self-control over their production lines for their launchers and constellations. The video below shows the wonderfull vision by Airborne on automated production.