So far Zapread is mostly about Bitcoin and other high tech future oriented stuff. Cool. Most of us, if we think about history at all, recall boring lessons about dead people who had done stuff that occurred long ago. No bearing on us whatsoever right? Wrong. History is how we got where we are now. History is our story - all of us, the collective memory of humanity with all of its successes, failures, bad choices, cruelty, beauty, truth and falsehood. History is how we know who we are and why we are. Even the most deliberately ignorant of us possess some idea of our history and regularly conduct themselves in accordance with the world view swirling in their heads.

People regard history as fixed and known. They are wrong. While the facts of the past cannot change, new facts can emerge, our understanding of the known facts are incomplete at best. Wars happened, governments changed, empires rose and fell, inventions changed our world. But why did any of that happen? That question is the essence of History. The reason we continue to study events long past us.

I also set up a group devoted to politics. That is not a coincidence. Politics drives the future and creates history. Politics also influences how we see the past. and often prompts further study of it. Politics and history are two subjects as connected as time itself in which the future becomes the present then recedes into the past.

History is about the debate, not the conclusions. I hope that many of you will join me in the discussion so we can learn from each other.