So where to begin? There is so much here that should be grounds for impeachment proceedings, or at least serious concern to anyone who cares about the rule of law in the US, the dignity of the office of the President, the integrity of the Republican Party, the functionality of US politics.

Trump stated he was "fucked" and that "it was the end of his presidency" upon hearing that Mueller was appointed.

The Trump campaign was happy to receive stolen goods from a foreign government in order to help them win the election.

Trump would have obstructed justice but for those around him who refused to act on his criminal instincts.

Trump's very excellent brain failed him over thirty times in his written responses to Mueller.

Trump believed that the Russians had compromising videotape of him after Michael Cohen relayed this information from a Russian contact. Why would he believe that if he hadn't done anything that they might have video taped?

Mueller considered 10 instances of Trump possibly obstructing justice and did not lay charges of obstruction primarily because he believes a sitting President cannot be indicted.

The bulk of opinion so far is that Congress will not pursue impeachment because the Republicans in the Senate will never convict. I can see their logic but I disagree. The balance of powers is in the constitution for a reason. If Congress will not impeach because they believe the Senate is too partisan to convict, the balance of power and the rule of law are rendered moot. Congress should start an impeachment proceeding, thoroughly investigate, publish the evidence, make their case and dare the Senate to ignore it. Force them to do the right thing or go down with the corrupt president they love more than their country.