Wheather you are an online business & service provider or an offline store providing a great support service is important to your company. There is a lot of ways to make yourself available for customers and one of them is Live Chat.

There is a lot of benefits of having Live Chat Service for the business as well as for the customer.
But Live chat Service faces major drawback with the availability of trained Live Chat agents because it's nearly not possible to have trained agents available for 24 hours.

But wherever is a problem there comes a solution and DeskMoz is the best Live Chat agents service provider in the Industry, For DeskMoz every chat is Unique, so they provide the knowledge, Training and tools and every one of their agents add all these things in their personality.
DesMoz's Main moto is to convert your website's visitor into your customer.
They do not let any customer bounce off your website page by offering live help and make sure you secure your sales and lead.

DeskMoz is a pioneer in providing live chat outsource Services at dirt cheap prices! At DeskMoz, everyone believes in providing best services with an alternative belief system, which says, ‘whatever it takes, let customers be with you!’ With the team of 100+ enthusiastic experts, DeskMoz is a complete package for your Desk needs. If you are looking for chat operators, Email Management Service, Tickets-Management, DeskMoz are here! Experts are here!

Deskmoz's Chat Agents behave like humans, not bots. In DeskMoz everyone knows that for your business, customer engagement is an important key to success. Their agents are trained to get the visitors’ contact details without sounding like bots. Each of Their agents is recruited after the proper screening, which includes IQ Test, Grammar Test, Typing Speed Test, Chat-Skills Test, & Personal Interview. If they are working for them, they are good with all the chat services DeskMoz are providing to their clients...... :)