Hello Zapreaders!

A major update to reputation was just released.  Now, reputation affects how your votes change post and comment scores.

Why do this?

The reputation system is a way to prevent spam accounts.  Accounts with good reputation take effort.  You have to create quality content to gain reputation.  Spam accounts can't do that.

Reputation gives an incentive for good behavior!

How it works

Higher reputation means more impact and higher reputation means your posts are harder to vote down.

Low reputation users can't influence scores as much.  Especially scores of those with high reputation (for example, downvoting).

High reputation users can influence scores more.

What does this mean?

Basically, your reputation gives you more voice.  You earn reputation by others voting up your posts and comments.  If you don't have as much reputation, you can't affect the scores on Zapread as much.

Bottom line: you should want to add posts and comments which others will vote up in order to gain reputation!