If you go and start listening to youtubers or anyone that tell you to buy Bitcoin at this price or that price, I think you will end up losing your money or your opportunity to get in at a cheap price with much less effort into it, let me explain what I am thinking in this post.

If you didn't buy bitcoin before 2015 pretty much you won't be able to buy more than 1 Bitcoin, only those who who around 2009 and 2012 have 1000 Bitcoin or more or at least can have at least 10 Bitcoins with mininal effort. But we are not on those years we are in 2019, so you need about $5000 to buy one single Bitcoin, so pretty much it is kpretty expensive.

But I you were to buy let say $1000 worth of Bitcoin today and buy it with the intention of lose it all, or win all, meaning you will not sell until you either get $1m or more money or lose your entire $1000. You see if you are a poor person with little to no money (which a lot of people are) even if instead of $1000 you put only $10, so I have come down from $5000 all the way down to $10. If the poor those who have nothing else to lose will buy at least that much I can assure you that with in 5 years those $10 will be worth $100k or more. You see in my opinion whales are manipulating the market accumulating and selling and wrecking the market as they go, you see in the see big fish eats the small fish, but when small fish gather enough numbers bite by bite even if the fish is small eventually the whale will be eaten whole.

Look at ants they are a species that attack bitter more meaner species and yet those big nasty animals become pray of really small ants. I would say that it is time for forum like this to start promoting the idea that is good to buy just small portions of Bitcoin, and with the Bitcoin LN coming to mainnet and official wallet that idea should be press into heads of new commer, obviously it will be a good idea to buy as much as you could afford, because believe me the limited number of coins in existence will only be seen wants at least 1 million people hold at least 0.003.

Once people realize that that many Bitcoin is in hands of 1 million people hands instead of only 100 whales than we will be talking another song here. LN will  help with that but people and everybody should start planning when Bitcoin starts to being disseminating around lots of hands not only a few.

You see if 1m people hold 0.10 Bitcoin at the moment you will realize that the whales are starting to be eaten alive, I believe you should't go and put your next rent money in Bitcoin, but MY MESSAGE IS BUY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN TODAY, AND SAVE IT FOR THE FUTURE, BECAUSE THAT $1000 INVESTMENT YOU DID TODAY WILL BE WORTH A LOT IN THE FUTURE.

What I am trying to say, is don't think you will be rich over night, you will be saving your ticket by when the Bitcoin is in everyone hands as a day by day future.

You will know if is not a good time to depart with your Bitcoins when instead of exchanging your Bitcoin for good of services, you go to an exchange and exchange for fiat. the whales of today, youtubers and everyone that thinks you should listen, they all are telling you to buy today, with your fiat, and sell in a few day, month and even years, but they are not telling you to exchange it for goods and services, they are telling you to exchange for the same currency you bought with that being dollars or whatever fiat you used.

You will know that Bitcoin promise is here when instead of selling it for fiat, you go to your local store and change for products and services. 
 And if you are stupid enough to change for fiat pretty much you will be giving half away to your local government in taxes, and if you think you are smart and you won't pay your taxes that governments will find you out  and take everything away because the penalty of trying to steal from government is that they take everything.

You will know your $10 worth of Bitcoin will be worth much more and you will know that it is a good time to depart when you will not sell it or exchange for any government backed fiat, that's when you will be  seeing the full promise of Satoshi Nakamoto invention.