When Bitcoin  hits $100M, you will be happy you held to your bitcoins. At that time you will cry tears of blood if you sold all of your bitcoin  in the 2019 $6k price jump. By that time if you hold 0.01 bitcoin or 1 bitcent you will be pretty much a rich person. But while we all wait for that price to get here, you could in the meantime start collecting your fair share of bitcoin. We establish before that 0.003 is what every person should have.

In the year 2019, you could had gotten your fair share with only $20. If you didn't have money but  an internet connection with a computer you could also had mined altcoins and after 1 year of mining altcoins you could had about 0.003 or more. Even if you didn't have a computer but a cell phone with at least 1gb of internet allowance you could had participated on faucets and after 1 year you could had accumulated your 0.003.

You see people will say that is not fair that they didn't get in the train on time and that we should bail them out (those who didn't hold before the happening) by giving them our bitcoin for free for nothing in return. But the truth is that people from now to untill Bitcoin hits at least $1m plenty of time will pass, so it will not be your or our responsibility to bail governments and people who depend on it.

Because as today I have accumulated 26k satoshis only from free faucets and by writing on this website, so once that date comes to pass, people will have no excuse for having at least what their fair share is. As you all know I am in my goal of trying to collect my fair share from faucets, mining with my old pc, and writing and reviewing so that I can collect my fair share and to show new comers that there  will be no excuse for not having bitcoin in your wallet once the price is reach.

What I am trying to say is: once the price reaches such level freeloaders and a lot of people will try to get your hard end bitcoin from you with guilt. As today if you give your coins or satoshis away it is considered a tip nothing more but eventually you will not be gibning not even 1 satoshi not to anyone but yourself.

Faucets in  my opinion may continue to exist but I don't think they will give you more than 1 satoshi in at least a whole month, but today you  can collect at least 100 satoshis a day but pretty soon that opportunity will also close. Anything that pays a lot of satoshis today will be paying less in a few years.

But even at that I still will tell you to please donate but have in mind that eventually your 1000 will be worth a lot more than today, I hope you get my message, I am not trying to say be greedy just have in mind one possible scenario.

This scenario will come to pass because Bitcoin LN is proof of that, right now sending 1000 satoshis as tips is nothing pretty much but eventually that will be less over time in a few years you will be lucky if you get 1 satoshi as a tip. just saying.