In 2008 the financial crisis hit the must the poor working citizen. It was a international crisis as far as I know every country was hit in one way or another.

As we all know, the financial crisis of 2008-9 was created, engineered by banks and bankers, as well as institutions and governments that are in cojuts with banker and their lending practices. I don't need to bored you with history lesson and I will try to go straight to the point of why XRP is such a bad investment.

As you all know, bank are in the business of charging you interest for financial services and products. A bank has never been in the business of giving free money to anyone, except themselves. From the federal reversed to the small bank in your city, they are in the business of taking your money and giving it to themselves one way or another. So that you better understand my point of view I will post a example of a typical bank transaction were they actually used their weapons to kill you financial or at least to put you in debt.

Let's say you want to buy a house. You go to your local bank branch and start a loan transaction so that you can buy that house on debt in a 30 years mortgage. At the moment the bank creates money out of thin air. They give you the money you buy the house now you are in debt with that bank. The bank of your seller will also create money out of thin air, thanks to fractional reserve. At the end of the day the bank created money out of thin air. In other words they have a ledger that produces moeny out of thin air. And if you lose your job any payment that you made is totally lost.

In that exemple, if you pay in full the house the bank win, if you don't pay the bank win whatever you paid before plus they have all of this new created money and a house ready to sell on debt to the next fool.

Banks are in the business of taking money from loans and rent seeking investments. After all that here comes Ripple with their great idea that XRP will be used by banker to settle debt.

Why would a bank want to settle debts on a ledger that is not created by themselves? They already have a ledger that already settles debts.

Why would they buy a ledger that settle debts? why would they? They already have one that pretty much is free for them to use it doesn't have a limit on how much money they can print, they don't have to buy from anyone.

If XRP was a house, they would sell you xrp at interest, but xrp is not a house, and banks will not buy a ledger that will cost them money. They can create one on their own but never buy it from you.  So the utility of xrp goes out the window when you start thinking with your brain, and start asking questions. 

If banks need it to replace Swift or whatever that thing is call, they would just create their own. They are in the business of creating money out of thin air, unfortunately xrp will not do that. For xrp to work as a liquidity provider bank and people will need to buy the token so money and liquidity will not be created out of thin air, so it will be limited and banks will have to paid for it.

If banks were to use xrp as a settlement ledger, they will demand they get the token for free and also that they could create new tokens out of nothing. Unfortunately xrp has a cap and they can't get xrp for free, they need to buy it from you or Ripple itself. Now if Ripple since it is their token is willing to give the coins for free to banks so at that point you are pretty much fuck because banks will not buy your bags. And if banks don't get the token for free they will not use it, they will either create their own or continue using what it has worked for them so far. They don't care if you  don't like it that your wire transfer will take 30 days.

To end my post banks already have a ledger, that is free for them to use and that creates money out of thin air at will of banks.

If banks needed a new ledger they will create their own instead of buying it, with the same capabilities, free of charge and with unlimited supply. Like the actual system that they already have in place right now.