As you all know by now Bitcoin is pumping, but the issue is not that is pumping or dumping the actual issue is if you have skin on the game.

Once upon a time, I told my friend to buy Bitcoin at $200, but he told me that I was crazy and some other offensive words, and also that Bitcoin was a pipe dream specially because at that year I told him that the price of Bitcoin was going to be $10000.

Years later he saw Bitcoin hit my $10000 mark and he was trying to buy remembering that he could had bought at such a lower price. To express his reaction to the fact that he mess up his opportunity he looked like a headless chicken running around.

Coming to this year, now that he saw Bitcoin going up and thinking he lost the boat instead of buying Bitcoin, he is actually buying altcoins. 

He has about 45% of his portafolio in xrp and some of the first 50 ranked coins. He as a new comer thinks that if he lost the BTC boat, he is not going to lose the altcoins boat.

Now I am glad he is into crypto, but I don't think that he should put everything into altcoins but he doesn't want Bitcoin because he sees Bitcoin mooning 15% but altcoins 100%, so he thinks that if Bitcoin moons so will the altcoins and with higher percentage. 

I am not a Bitcoin Max but I think eventually altcoins will dump because btc is the number one has been will continue to be number one. Also all other crypto are just copies of the first, and if eth smart contract was so important Bitcoin could just copy and paste. If Bitcoin need it to be as fast as xrp, Bitcoin will just copy and paste. No wait let's kill xrp with some Bitcoin LN. You see anything that any other altcoins may offer can be just implemented into Bitcoin code if it was so necessary.

I understand there is a lot of investors on altcoins but I don't think those projects will survive the past of time and even if they survive I don't think they will share as much market capitalization as they all do today.

I think that in the future the market capitalization of Bitcoin will be around 80 to 90%. Altcoins may continue to exist but you will have to choose carefully because around 95% of today altcoins will be worthless that includes some of the first today 10 altcoins.

Now the price of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin could see a price of the equal value of 1 billion dollars for Bitcoin by 2050. 100  million by 2030 and 1 million by 2025. Bitcoin LN can help Bitcoin scale to those prices. But I think that after 100m it will be pointless to price Bitcoin in dollars, but after that price is reach it will be equal to 100m in acquisitive power by that time the USD dollars maybe extinct.

As I told my friend my price mark back in 2014, I am telling you all today in 2019 that Bitcoin is going for the 1 billion mark, if you still alive I hope you are not the next headless chicken running trying to buy Bitcoin.


You will see a bunch of headless chickens even at $100k.