Today is a sad day for Space. In a silly move, the Indian government shared the ranks of the United States, Russia and China in an ugly demonstration of a capability to destroy a satellite in Space. Yes, it is technologically very challenging to meet such a goal, as satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) travel at a tremendous speed of 7-8 km/s. Meeting up exactly at the right time at the right place for collission is quite a technological feat involving highly advanced equipment for attitude and orbit control of the missile.

But the question is whereto? Luckily, the target, probably the Microsat-R satellite, was at an altitude of only 283 km. the thousands of fragments of the collision will spend upto a few months in Space and then burn-up in the atmosphere. As such, the orbital debris hazard to the International Space Station (ISS) at some 400 km is relatively small, as is also the case for the many operational satellites in between 500 and 1000 km altitude. 

But furthermore, to have this capability is really a dumb thing to have. It is like sticking your own middle finger right into your own eye to show how strong you are. When will it dawn upon these people that using such a anti-satellite capability to limit an adversary will immediately also destroy and severely limit your own Space based capabilities because of the resulting orbital debris of such an attack?

Space should not be the realm of war. Space is humankind's territory, so no nation can claim any place in Space. So on behalf of humanity, keep your war mongering fingers out of our Universe!