Trump recently granted Breitbart News an interview in the Whitehouse. Part of that conversation had the President of the United States saying that he had "tough supporters". Those tough supporters included the military, the police and "Bikers for Trump". He waxed on about how they could be relied upon to be civil unless they got to "a certain point" and then things would be "very, very bad". To Breitbart's credit they ran a response to this from a Democratic Senator who expressed concern that the President would utter such thinly veiled threats of political violence at the hands of his supporters, including the idea that the military and police would commit "very bad" actions if pushed too far. Today the only other media outlet that covered this story was CNN. It ran two, one that reported on the content of the Breitbart Interview and another opinion piece about the evil of such talk from the leader of the free world. The closing point of the editorial was that the words themselves were not the threat to democracy (though they are) so much as the fact that they would get no attention because we have normalized such outrage from the mouth of Trump. So far today, Politico, New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, CBC and The Globe and Mail have not reported on this and now CNN has removed both pieces from their main webpage. Perhaps this lack of attention is because the tragedy in New Zealand displaced most other news. That event deserves extensive coverage. We will have to see if any media reports this story tomorrow or in a few days. The Washington Post's motto is "Democracy Dies in Darkness". One light just burnt out, lets hope it gets repaired.