While Trump fishes around the Whitehouse to find his "Veto Pen" he has to be at least a little concerned that he seems to be losing his ability to bend Republicans to his will. A dozen GOP Senators broke ranks and voted to disapprove his fake state of emergency and illegal redistribution of funds. Lest you think this was some miraculous re-generation of their spines consider this: Prior to the vote count it was widely suspected that the Yes side would not obtain a veto proof 66 votes so voting for it was safe in that it accomplished nothing but embarrassing the President. Of the 12 GOP Senators who voted for the bill, only 2 are up for re-election in 2020. Eight won't face a primary challenge until at least 2022, the remaining 2 will face a primary challenge after Trump is no longer a factor in 2024. So hats off to Lamar Alexander and Susan Collins for risking the wrath of Trump in their 2020 Republican Primary. The rest of them may be putting their country before their party but I am sure they did the math to ensure they were safe in doing so. They are still cowards, all trying to have their cake and eat it as well.