So i started my BTCWonderland lnd node month ago, and currently, i have, according to 1ML 

  • Channel Count
    48 (0.145%) 
  • Connected Node Count
    46 (1.229%) 

Average channel capacity 

0.014 btc

Base fee set as 0.4 sat

local amount : remote amount  roughly at 1:2

I have connections with big nodes ( INBIG, yalls, tippin me, rompert etc, 

but, the majority of the nodes i connected with are medium to small ones.  

However, im struggling to find out if my node is efficient, are the changes i made working? coz there is just not enough traffic .

If your nodes are similar to mine (capacity, channel counts, etc, how much sats you currently making? 

Any good technics can share?