During the 2016 Presidential campaign Trump repeatedly said that he loved debt, no-one understood debt as well as he did. Well guess what - he actually said something that is true. He does love debt. He loves it so much that the US now has the largest peacetime non-recession debt in its history. Same with the deficit. Same with the trade deficit. The same candidate who said he would ELIMINATE the deficit, the debt (even though he loves these things) and the trade deficit has instead overseen their growth to historic highs. The GOP, the erstwhile party of balanced budgets, zero debt and free trade, has become the party of deficits, debt, and protectionism through tariffs. The transformation is stunning. Republicans have handed over their rhetoric, their principles, their spines and their souls to a man who will repay them with nothing. Their delusion that they traded all of that for reshaping the US Judicial system belies the fact that any of the other 16 GOP candidates for the Presidential nomination would have done the same. Mitch McConnell's theft of the Supreme Court seat from Merrick Garland raised the stakes of the 2016 election to a point where Republicans felt justified to accept as their standard bearer a man who otherwise would never obtain a second thought in connection with the occupation of the Resolute Desk. It just goes to show that when you decide you are prepared to do anything to get what you seek, you better also be prepared to do a lot of things you never thought you would do. Shame on you Mitch, you ought to have known better.

On another love note, The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (which is neither Democratic nor a Republic), led by Trump's lover Kim Jong Un has apparently resumed preparations to launch another missile. North Korea is now busily dumping propaganda into the ether telling us that they had a solid concession on the Hanoi Summit table and are shocked that the US rejected it. I doubt anyone outside of the Hermit Kingdom believes this. Certainly the US President has been schooled in why his predecessors made so little progress on the Korea problem. Trump has said so many conflicting things about US / DPRK  relations that it is hard to believe any of it. But he has repeatedly claimed to be in love with KJU. This is odd but whatever floats his boat is fine with me. So we have to ask ourselves: Is this setback to international peace just a lover's quarrel that will be reconciled? Or is it the beginning of a messy and dangerous break-up?

Love is the air folks! It must be spring.