As a Non IT Crowd, how to observe the fees my node makes, how to adjust the channel base fee, how to open a two-way channel without digging through the codes have been problematic.

I integrated RTL to my BTCWonderland LND node week ago, its a web UI that allows you to manage your LND node.

Features include (from RTL’s twitter:

Dashboard & Node Status
LND Wallet
Peer Management
Channel Dashboard & Management
Verify & Send Payments
Generate & Manage Invoices
Node & Channel Lookup

It caters different needs

But for me, I can now :

  • Observe the fees my node made without digging through the code. although, i did find sometimes it didn’t calculate the fees properly, for example:  I make 1 sat, that 1 sat will show up at Monthly (Sats), but not showing up on the Daily (Sats) . But not a big issue


  • Observe my channel balance. On RTL, I can monitor my total inbound and outbound capacity easily.

  • Open Reciprocal channels. I use Zap wallet, for as far as i understand, Zap does not allow you to open a Reciprocal channel, as in if A opens a channel to you with inbound (to you) 0.01 btc, to balance the channel, you would want to open a channel back to A with 0.01 btc outbound. However, you can’t do it on Zap. but you can do it on RTL.  

  • Adjust fees. It allows you to adjust your base fee with one particular channel, or with all the channels at once via bunk action.

Again, all these things can be done if you are a tech savvy. But for me, using RTL to manage channels definitely saves lot of my time.

Above is just my opinion, might be inaccurate might be completely wrong. Discussions are welcome!

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