The American Conservative Union holds an annual event called the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Once again this year the President gets to address them as a keynote speaker. I watched a bit of Trump's rambling and was struck by how much the tone of it resembled Al Capone haranguing his underlings and the press about the Feds just being out to get him and how they never will. If you didn't watch Trump, do so and just think about the fact that the President of the United States speaks to a political convention and chooses to rail against his own government for how it is relentlessly investigating him based on in his word "Bullshit". And the gathered crowd loved it! These are the self proclaimed stalwarts of American conservatism, gathered to discuss how to advance their agenda within the confines of the constitution they claim to hold so dear. Their keynote speaker, a man who until January was the political leader of a party in control of all three branches of the Federal government rails against the actions of people he appointed, some of whom are still in office. The crowd sits, listens and laps it up.

An innocent man, faced with no less than three investigations into his affairs is entitled to defend himself. But this is no ordinary citizen and this is no ordinary defense.  The President, who ought to just shut up, go about his presidential business and wait for the investigations to conclude he did nothing wrong chooses instead to attack the very institutions that Americans count upon to uphold the rule of law. He would rather burn down the entire legal structure than wait for it to clear his name. But then again maybe he knows it cannot and will not.