I admit I have very little sympathy for Michael Cohen. He made his bed by doing Trump's dirty work for ten years and was probably well paid for it. His testimony to the oversight committee revealed little in the way of news except the actual names of others within the Trump organization who could corroborate his testimony. The absence of any serious questions from the GOP members of the House Intelligence Committee is the real story here, not Mr. Cohen's responses to the questions the Democrats asked. Having decided that they could not defend Trump no matter what Mr. Cohen said they decided to simply trash his testimony at every opportunity. The rules of procedure allowed them to interject 5 minute assaults on his character between Democrat's 5 minutes of serious questions about what he knew of Trump's activities and organization.

The world witnessed the Republican members of the committee, led by Jim Jordan and assisted by Mark Meadows - Did Stan lee name these characters? - trying their level best to discredit a man who is already going to jail for lying. A man who knows full well that further lies will only extend his sentence while not gaining him anything by way of consideration from the man for whom he lied over the course of a decade. Cohen's warning to the GOP members that they were doing exactly what he was going to jail for fell on deaf ears. I doubt that Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows will ever go to jail for their ill placed loyalty. A congressman lying to himself is not the same as a witness lying to congress. I look forward to the day when either of them realizes just how misguided they have been. It can't come soon enough.