The alleged author of "The Art of the Deal" spent all of that time and effort traveling half way around the world to meet with his "lover" to strike a deal to de-nuclearize  the Korean Peninsula. We all know how that turned out. What is a puzzle is: why? Why did the US President do all of that only to walk away when it became obvious to HIM that Kim Jong Un wasn't serious about getting rid of his nukes? Why grant KJU the legitimacy of appearing on stage alongside the US President in exchange for nothing? Why did the President ignore all of his advisors who told him beforehand that this was the most l likely result of the meeting they were setting up? The great fear before Trump walked away was that he was so desperate for a "win" that he would compromise key US and South Korean interests. He didn't do that. Now he is getting credit, not exactly praise, but credit for not being a na├»ve idiot on foreign affairs. It is a very low bar but he apparently  passed it. Was that the point of a trip half way round the world and back? To prove the President is not just a malignant narcissist? Maybe, but why, after making progress on his media image at home did the US withdraw from pending war games with South Korea? I don't claim to be an expert on making deals but it seems odd to me that the first party "walks away" when the second party refuses to budge on the central objective of the negotiations, only to concede something that the second party greatly values. That is like refusing to buy a vehicle from the dealer because she won't sell me the model I want but sending a down payment in the mail after I leave the lot. Does anybody do that?