Hello everyone!

I've spent the last couple of days working on the commenting system.  A few months ago, all comments would be visible.  Some people asked to change this so I made them collapsed by default and you had to click a button to see the comments:

I found when this change was made, the number of comments being made plummeted.  This is not what I wanted for zapread.  I want lots of discussion!

The default:

  • to show the top 3 comments,
  • load 3 more at a time, and
  • only 3 levels of nesting will be shown but can be expanded.

The number in the brackets [0] indicates the score of the comment you are about to expand.


I will be adding a user setting so you can change the default back to collapsed comments.  This would be a post-friendly view.

Remember that comments also earn Satoshi, and I want to encourage more comments around posts.  The funds from comments go to the user, community, and group.  Remember that post authors do not get comment revenue (to discourage trolling).