Picture credits: SSL

SpaceX launches a Falcon 9 booster in a few hours. As you can see from the scars in the picture, this booster was already used twice for previous missions. The first stage is planned again for returning to a barge on the Atlantic ocean. Three satellites are on-board this Falcon 9.

Prime payload is an Indonesian owned and SSL built Geostationairy SatCom satellite called Nusantara Satu. One of the rideshare satellites is the mysterious S5 satellite from the AFRL.  Apparently, this satellite is going to do Space Situational Awareness in the GEO belt, otherwise known as peeking around what Russian and Chinese satellites look like from up-close... Third payload on this mission is the Israelian Moonlander Beresheet. If they land this thing safely on the Moon, I personally declare them winner of the already defunct Google Lunar X PRIZE.

Check the live feed below to check out the launch around 2:45 AM CET (February 22).