We all know that Trump prefers listening to his gut and Fox "News" over reading anything. He was asked during the election if he had ever read the constitution. I am unaware of any reply to that from Trump. Trump likes to talk about the 2nd amendment, the one that gives Americans the right to bear arms. He thinks and has said that the 2nd is the right that guarantees American Freedom. Like just about everything else he says, he is wrong. American freedom is secured by the 1st amendment, the one that guarantees free speech, free assembly, free press, free religion and the right to petition the government. He was offered a copy of the constitution but did not take advantage of it. But the 1st  Amendment is written in 12 inch letters, engraved on the stone fa├žade of a building on Pennsylvania Avenue that the President passes twice every time he visits congress. Perhaps the captain of the next presidential convoy should arrange to stop there next time and refuse to continue until Donnie accurately recites the entire 1st Amendment with his eyes closed.

Wouldn't that be a nice Presidents day ceremony?