To find out more about all the exciting new projects being implemented on Waves, we are launching a contest on Twitter under the #BuildOnWaves tag.

We consider every project implemented on Waves to be extremely valuable to the ecosystem, so we’re very keen to keep track of what’s going on with new and existing initiatives. We’d like to get updates from projects we already know about, and to find out what new projects have recently been launched.

With this in mind, we are launching a contest on Twitter to encourage developers to share details of their projects and experiences with Waves technology and products.

Contest rules

  • The contest dates are 18 February — 4 March (inclusive). Only tweets published during this period will be considered.
  • To participate, simply publish a tweet about your project in which Waves’ solutions are used in one way or another.
  • Your tweet must contain the hashtag #BuildOnWaves and mention @sasha35625 and @waveslabs, to make sure we don’t miss it.

The prize fund of 1,000 WAVES will be distributed as follows:

  • The first prize of 500 WAVES will be awarded to the tweet with the highest number of retweets.
  • A 300 WAVES prize will be awarded to a project that will be randomly selected by the Waves Oracle random number generator. The oracle was developed by a participant in the Waves Grants program.
  • The contest’s jury, made up of representatives from Waves Labs, DevRel and Waves company management, will award a special prize of 200 WAVES to a selected project.

Please note that accounts that display suspicious activity will immediately be banned from the contest.

Tweets that we consider most interesting will be retweeted by @sasha35625@waveslabs, and @wavesplatform.

The results of the contest will be announced in March and published on our Medium blog and Twitter account.

Participants don’t need to provide their wallet addresses at this point. Waves Labs will get in touch with the winners via Twitter to discuss the details of disbursing prizes.