I have started a crowdfunding campaign to support my Space Education and Outreach activities that maximize the positive impact of Space activities on the life of children. This stems from my vision that once children become grown-ups, and they would possess some basic notion of the universe in all its extremities, and the place planet Earth has in it, these grown-ups would be more inclined to cherish peace than to start wars on our home planet Earth. The most receptive age to this kind of knowledge is of course when people are young! 

I receive many requests from schools that would like me to come over and do a Space & Astronomy workshop. Many times, these schools don't have any budget and if I am too busy with my freelancing work for the Space Industry, this has to be an unfortunate 'no' from my side. It would be really great to be able to say 'Yes' to these schools, especially the ones that need it the most!

So please, if you are as passionate about Space as I am, please chip-in with what you can miss. Here is the link to the campaign on Tallycoin: https://tallyco.in/s/4mhz8q/

Ad astra & beyond!