If you're excited about lightning and want to utilize the network there are plenty of "Lapps" ready for use out there. These are a few high quality ones that I've found. Feel free to share what you've found and add it to the growing list!

Ln.Pizza  -  Order pizza from Domino's for carryout or even delivery!

bitrefill.com - Buy giftcards for major retailers/grocery/travel/games etc using bitcoin or lightning

satoshitweet.com - send tweets using lightning!

satoshis.games - Play games, win satoshis.

satoshis.place - Use lightning to paint pixels on a public ever-changing canvas

zapread.com - Get paid through lightning for contributing good content in this open source, lightning enabled "reddit-like" message board.

yalls.org - Read and write articles, with Lightning Network micropayments.

singles.shock.network - Lightning Singles is a hook-up site for Lightning Channel Liquidity.

Tippin.me - Receive tips and micro-payments everywhere