In my quest to find more ways to make and spend Lightning Network enabled bitcoin, I came across a number of sites that I would like to endorse via this ZapRead platform.

  • Since VISA/Mastercard didn't like some of the performers on, and that such behaviour by the current financial system is totally unacceptable, it is more than fair that is going to crush Only if they also embrace the Lightning Network, which by its nature is invariant towards the transactors, they will have a way to survive.
  • A great and easy way to show the #LightningLove to somebody. Your Google Chrome browser has an extension such that the button shows up on twitter!
  • Community Jar. A great way to get some LN BTC to get your #LightningLove started. Give some. Take some.
  • Satoshis Games. Rescue Satoshi Nakamoto in this Mario Brothers like game. 60 seconds per level. Go Mario! This game and many more!
  • Spacebit Live. Broadcast (long) text messages on a global level with transponders leased by the Blockstream Satellite project on 4 geostationairy satellites in Earth Orbit. As of writing this (february 15, 2019) this is actually free. You need testnet LN BTC because this service is still in beta. Soon it will be with the real #LightningLove!

Please let me know in the comments which are your favorites and which are definately missing in this list. Look forward to updating this post!