Picture credits @helloluis

The Lightning Network Trust chain, otherwise known as the #LNTrustChain on twitter, is a remarkable experiment were the early adapters of the Lightning Network show off that the future of financial transactions is about to be severely shaken up.

It all started with a Norwegian tweep with the spacey name Hodlonaut who started the chain on January 19, 2019 where people forward an ever rising amount of Bitcoin to a new person. The new person receives the amount, adds a little bit him/herself and forwards the amount again to a next person to do the same. After twitter CEO Jack Dorsey became part of the chain, public attention for the experiment exploded and even blasted into Space! Yes really! At some point crypto superstar Samson Mow, got hold of the torch, and this is what he said:

Unfortunately I was not quick enough to send Samson my Lightning Network invoice through the epic Blockstream Satellite service, and have it globally broadcasted by 4 Geostationairy satellites around the globe (see also my blog on this topic). Pavol Rusnak beat me on the finish line and got hold of the torch. At this very moment (20190213), the #LNTrustChain is in the hands of Erik Voorhees with a value of 3.325.000 satoshis, and all hopes are up that soon Elon Musk or William Shatner will get their hands on it to blast it into Space again!

What I also hope is that the #LNTrustChain torch could be transfered by using a Moon bounce. This would employ two radio-astronomy dishes pointed at the Moon, and using the moon as a reflector for electromagnetic waves. A Lighnting invoice could easily be sent over this way.