This is an update from my previous post: 

I've got most of the BTC out of my node, except for three channel closes which are lost forever.  I learned 2 things:

1.  If you run bitcoind in --blocksonly mode, then LND can't estimate fees for transactions properly.  Smaller UTXOs could end up stuck since the fee estimate doesn't work.

2.  There was a bug in LND in the past, causing some data loss in channels.  I suffered this in 3 channel closures.  The BTC in these addresses are lost forever.

  • 0.00010116 BTC in bc1q8cc8l83emrkskkthya5rjdvzcx3xpru693em46
  • 0.00003100 BTC in bc1qlkjxxjhv5edd64gfdvh9mesgkshy5k9tzjcudz
  • 0.00042501 BTC in bc1qpwszjpd767a7d5he7l07wpdkhh92v4mkja9wxx

I'm so lucky these are small amounts!  

I discussed this with the LND developers here.