26 - B.S. Biology -> M.S. Biology -> Genetic Engineering

I go by Camron and I have recently received my Bachelors of Science in Biology and I am continuing my education with a Masters of Science.  

I am enthusiastic about this community and the direction Zelgada is leading us, science has shown from an evolutionary standpoint that each of our friend groups is approximately 150 people in size (Dunbar's number).

I enjoy the platform of this site due to the Groups or "communities" that each of us can be involved in. I believe ZapRead can achieve masses of people congregating and sharing ideas, and I hope we all find a community that really allows us to appreciate the individuals within. 

The economics of ZapRead fundamentally adheres each of us to find content we believe is relevant, of good taste, and appreciable for the community as a whole. The wonderful aspect of an economy driven social media platform is the currency used is not unlimited, therefor we must find a Group we can be involved with. This allows us to support the content we wish more people to receive and have a place we can also earn revenue based on our own creation, moderation, and input.

This post is not a good "tell-all" about me, but I do believe it will give most of you an idea of the person I am. Long-winded, fact supporting, technologically capable, and an educator. I personally implore each user here, that hasn't done so already, subscribe to this Group, and introduce yourself.                                                       

I am currently taking Araneology, or the study of spiders. My university is one of a handfull that offers this course to their students. I feel honored having the ability to learn what very few others ever will.