I just had a "woah" moment.

The API is now available for the Blockstream Satellite.  See the documentation: https://blockstream.com/satellite-api-documentation/ 

We all know that the satellite will transmit the blockchain - but what about other data?  Looks like you can transmit any file over their satellite!

The basic process:

  1. You submit a request to transmit.
  2. You receive a lightning invoice to pay based on the priority over the satellite communications channel for your transmission.
  3. You pay the invoice to get into queue.
  4. You can increase the payment to get higher priority
  5. The message is uploaded onto the satellite and transmitted
  6. Receivers can download your transmission
  7. Hey - it's encrypted so only your colleague on the other side of the world can read it.

This is basically a commercial satellite messaging service which is powered by bitcoin payments over LN.

The github page explains how you can build a receiving satellite dish to download the blockstream signal.  This is amazing as it means that users can transmit information to an audience, or to anonymous receivers.  

I can't wait to see what people create with this.