Hello everyone,

I have been using the same LND instance for about 1 year now!  Yes - I was an early adopter.  I've been upgrading it frequently.  I've noticed, however, that I'm seeing more and more errors and issues with this node.  This is probably related to the numerous migrations it's gone through. 

Time to start from scratch!

I'm building a new LND node now and will be eventually switching over to that.  I'm keeping the current node up for a while, but will be retiring it once the new node has sufficient capacity.  I'll keep all channels open as long as I can, and will connect the two nodes, but eventually those channels up now will be closed.

This is something which needs to be done as ZapRead becomes more popular.  I've already done hundreds of thousands of transactions on this node!  Which is amazing to think about.  That would have cost a lot with on-chain transactions, but LN is amazing.

Thanks everyone!