I believe that one of the most negatively disruptive unwritten rules of society is that the world economy must continue to grow indefinitely.

Why is this a thing?

Can an improvement in the quality of an economy (less wasteful products being purchased with an emphasis on long term ownership and use) outweigh the growth of an economic output as measured in fiat money?

It makes sense to me that this could be the case, and if so I believe bitcoin is perfectly poised to take on the role of value transaction in that type of economy.

My reasoning is as follows -

A stagnant economy that is measured in dollars would see salaries rising, but prices rising even further in order for businesses to keep up appearances of growth (due to less people buying) in order to appease investors and keep investment flowing in (similarly to what we see Apple doing now)

This means that especially in a stagnant economy, peoples real wealth measured in dollars would decrease.

Looking at this same scenario using bitcoin instead of dollars, we can see that people would likely only use their ever-appreciating monetary units and only buy iPhones that would somehow continue to improve over time - possibly a subscription model that allows you to trade in your phone every year to upgrade for free.

Why might Apple do this you ask? Because the monetary unit at its present value is now driving the sale, and the time preference necessity from Apple is immediate. The .001 bitcoin they receive now, will always be worth more to them than .001 at any time later than now.

I think this turns most every economic transaction into a subscription model, whereby the company initially gives products away for a very low cost, but continually works for their customer to improve their service in every possible way at a gradually decreasing cost to the customer (but at the highest possible time preference for them).

I'm sorry if some of you Mises buffs are offended at my ignorance here, but I just thought I'd jot down some thoughts that hopefully lead to further discussion on the topic.