I've now changed how user reputation is registered in an effort to prevent abuse.

What's changed

  • Anonymous votes on comments or posts will no longer change user reputation
  • Voting on your own comments or posts will no longer change user reputation

Hopefully this will ensure that the user reputation score is more meaningful.

Why is this important?

The user reputation score will be used to weigh the actions of users.  Some new features will be coming out:

  • Users will have site reputation, and group reputation
  • The group reputation score will influence the group moderation ability - users with poor reputation in a group can be penalized for inappropriate behavior for a longer time than users with good reputation.  There will still be no censorship, and users can "redeem" themselves faster by earning group reputation.
  • User votes will be scaled by reputation.  An upvote from a user with good reputation will change the post owner's reputation more than an upvote from a user with poor reputation.  This will help prevent account abuse and reduce the ability for bots to manipulate reputations and scores.

Again - this change is due to feedback from the community.  Please let me know what you think about this change in the comments.