I had tested a Bitrefill Thor service.

The buy proces is very simple just go to:

Step 1) You need to select the service you would like to buy.

Step 2) Than enter your email address (it's needed if there will be a problem with the service):

Step 3) Select the payment option & pay


Step 4) After payment you will be redirected to open channel site

What are the limitations?

The channel is guaranteed to be kept open on our side for 30 days, potentially longer if there’s activity on it. The reason for this limitation, and why this service comes at a cost is that opening an empty channel requires us to put the bitcoin in it and keep them there, and frankly as they say  they are a startup and don’t have infinite bitcoin :)

In my opinion the service is very expensive compared to others on the market:

The best thing is that you can use Bitcoin Lighting Wallet (Android) for this service.

Lest start with BLW

Step 1) Install Bitcoin Lightning Wallet from Google Play

Step 2) Save mnemonic phrase to a safe place!

Step 3) Navigate to ‘Open a new channel’ and tap on the QR code on the top right corner of the app.

Step 4) Proceed to scan the QR code on the Thor channel-opening Service page provided after buying a new incoming channel

Step 5) After the channel will become active (6 Blockchain confirmation of channel creation) you can receive payments.

Also you can open channel with LND.

You just need to run one command that you have to copy&paste

You have two options of a channel private or public!