I have put the source code for Zapread.com on github:


It's quite undocumented and not straight forward to compile (for now), but any help and contributions are more than welcome.

The sensitive information is located in a parallel folder zapread.com.private, which has the database.config and AppSettings.config files.  These files have the SQL server connection info and LND connection info. I have yet to document how these files are to be configured.

I will slowly move the issues tracker over to this repo. [Edit: done.  All issues now on the main repository]

I have yet to decide on a license.  I would like the license to protect the website from someone copying it and benefiting from the hard work of the community.  I also want to ensure that it is available for everyone to view and contribute without any concern of encumbrance.  I am thinking of GPL, but don't like the "invasiveness" of that license.  I may just stick to a commercial license which is also not that attractive.  I'm open to suggestions on how to license the source code.  For now it is not yet licensed.  Read https://choosealicense.com/no-permission/ to see what this means.  I.e. any contributions are not legally credited (although we can see it in github so you get virtual kudos).  Help!

Edit: ZapRead has adopted the AGPL license.  I believe this license balances open source freedom, and also protects the website and it's users.