If you go to your user management page when logged in: https://www.zapread.com/Manage 

You can select which languages you would like to natively read.

The next steps are:

  1. Set default language for each group (admin and new group function)
  2. Allow posters to set the language of the post - default to group language, or use google translate language detection
  3. Add user setting to view translated posts (or do it manually)
  4. Use user browser language settings to configure default language when creating new accounts
  5. Implement full i18n over ZapRead and internationalize the entire user interface (translators will be needed)

When I started the idea of ZapRead, I did not expect such an uptake in the international community.  I am immensely pleased and humbled to see such a wonderful response from users all over the world!  I want to do the best to make ZapRead.com a website which is globally usable and accessible!