Great idea for a group.  I'm 100% behind the concept.

There is so much waste in almost everything in the world.

In my day job, I work on optimization and efficiency (through technology).  Of course, my interests are philosophically aligned with the idea of zero waste.

In our house, we try not to waste any food.  Furthermore, we compost any organics (like potato peels, bones, etc.) to be used as fertilizer.  When we buy groceries, we look for discounted food which will be expiring soon.  Not only do we save money, but we are also preventing those food items from being thrown away.

Another way to prevent waste is through recycling and reusing things like plastics (or avoiding all together).  

I have also another project before ZapRead, which I have put on hold - it's called and the idea is to use Internet of Things to make heating, water use, and electricity use optimized in your house.  I built small WiFi sensors and placed them around the house - and that gives information on which rooms lose more heat, are occupied more often (and when), and need to be heated.  Then using a smart central heating system, costs to keep the house (or any building) comfortable can be greatly reduced.  Same with water usage for agriculture.  I have wireless sensors with temperature and humidity information on the soil to learn the drainage and apply zoned irrigation based on weather forecast (rain), type of plant, and soil type.  This eliminates water waste.

I hope to see this group be successful!