Hello everyone,

I am thinking of what license to use for ZapRead which would be the best for the community.  One aspect I am concerned with is the commercial "predator".  I like the concept of open source, except that it allows another person to sell the software that we develop.  In particular, it allows someone to clone ZapRead, change the branding, and launch a copycat website without sharing back any improvements.  

Of course, ZapRead also depends on many other open source packages, and we must remain compatible, or change the dependencies to be compatible.

So I am looking for a license for our community.  I am not a lawyer, and I'm also concerned about making a mistake.

What does the community think of the commons clause license? https://commonsclause.com/ 

It is based on an Open Source but restricts commercial use.  It would technically mean that ZapRead would not be Open Source.

I like this quote from their website:

The Commons Clause was intended, in practice, to have virtually no effect other than force a negotiation with those who take predatory commercial advantage of open source development. In practice, those are some of the biggest technology businesses in the world, some of whom use open source software but don’t give back to the community. Freedom for others to commercialize your software comes with starting an open source project, and while that freedom is important to uphold, growth and commercial pressures will inevitably force some projects to close. The Commons Clause provides an alternative.

So - your thoughts?