IDigBio is an organization working for the implementation of digitizing museum specimens. The Professor I am working for has been awarded a grant to do just this at our University.

I have been given a task to build an equipment spreadsheet, and meet all the technical specifications for this project and the department. We have an outdated .ppt that describes the manor in which raw data should be stored. But they have not mentioned how to work with your IT department when implementing a Department server. I am going to propose to the department that we implement our own server, I believe I can implement the server for the department and meet IDigBio specifications. 

Today our department met with IT, and I feel that they want us to purchase a server through them, and install it on their mainframe in our building. We haven't gotten quotes, but they want to install a "9 spinner - Raid 0" setup, the relationship should be good. Professors must meet the IT departments specifications and all technology must go through IT prior to integration online. 

Although the money is distributed in a "Decentralized" manor, I feel as if the IT department is shooting for our department to buy a server that will be integrated into their network.

I'll update this with more periodically. I found this article by PCMag helpful