Hey fellow Zapreaders,

since this whole community is so strongly connected to Lightning and thus also to Bitcoin I like the approach to vote with money which works pretty well with the Bitcoin protocol at the moment. It even rewards users with nice posts which has some advantages but also a downside.

For me it motivated me to register and even actively post, which I usually don't... I'm a ghost user on facebook and reddit for years but here in this small community I post and get more than imaginary internet points or karma or whatever.

But there's an open question which should be discussed: copy right issues and stolen posts. If I have a nice joke to share but very little followers so it gets buried in the new tab and someone with more followers steals it or retells it and it gets lots of votes it's not fair. Is it then the task for the community to down vote it with their money if they find out it's stolen or should it be regulated by the website itself.

I don't really have a point besides sharing some random thoughts and would like to hear your opinion!