Good evening friends,

Tonight the developer has enabled the ability to share our posts and I wanted a singular testing entity. 

After you have created your profile please comment below so I can "up-vote" your comment. 
An up-vote is worth one satoshi, the ability to transact micro-payments is provided via the lightning network.
If you would like to know more about the lightning network, we have a group here

If you would like to add to your balance or withdraw your funds, please have a lightning network wallet of your choice. 

Please create posts, they gain satoshis over time based on an algorithm, and they also receive up-votes from the community, this could provide you a passive income.

If not it will provide you a safe place to communicate, without the need for data mining, or the need for advertisement, and bot-free.

I want to quote the Developer here: 

" is a website which combines many aspects of social media, economics, and Bitcoin.The idea is to create a community which is a self-regulating social economy where content which is of interest is rewarded, and poor content is buried. Users vote on content produced by authors by paying Bitcoin via the Lightning Network in increments of one Satoshi. The authors are rewarded for positive contributions, and the community is compensated for poor contributions."

The developer would like more feedback, please see the github. You can help sculpt this social media service, one day it will be an open source, decentralized, platform.  

Best regards; see you online,